DFN project is a contribution to improving the situation in the tourism sector by using existing potentials - festivals

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What are the requirements in terms of experience, knowledge, skills, creative solutions, etc. when organizing spectacular public events, such as Berlinale, Sziget, Glastonbury, Sundance, Rotterdam, SXSW, DEAF and many others? What is the impact of such an event on the city, region, culture, economy, tourism development and image of a country?

The Danube Festival Network project – DFN aims to emphasize the key role that festivals and creative industries have on economic and tourism development, with a focus on the Danube region of Serbia. As part of its activities the DFN intends to present the cultural potential of the country, through festival events, and their impact on economy and tourism development. In order to achieve that, the three festivals that gather a very large number of visitors from the country and abroad – music festival EXIT, creativity festival Mikser, and film festival Cinema City entered into a partnership. The project is supported by the EU and the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) as part of the programme for social and economic development of the Danube region in Serbia. 

The main objectives of the project and challenges that lie ahead for these three festivals are promotion of the festival of creative industries as important cultural and tourism products, networking of professionals who organize festivals in the Danube region of Serbia, and their professional development.

Several key promotional and educational events will be held as part of the project:

International conference in Belgrade, during the Mikser Festival will allow for the networking of some of the most interesting festival organizations in the country. One of the topics of the conference will be the development of festivals and their positioning as attractive tourism brands on international markets. This conference will be followed by a two-day workshop in Novi Sad, which will gather some of the most interesting professionals from all over the work, who work in the domain of creative industries. The authorities from the industry will share their experiences and practical knowledge on event planning and production, marketing, communication and the importance of networking. During the EXIT festival the focus will be shifted to the promotion of the festivals from the Danube region of Serbia and DFN network, through organized press tours for journalists from the country and abroad. Adoption of the most advanced knowledge and skills from the domain of event management will be particularly especially facilitated by study visits to B2B conferences, where contacts will be made with the most influential institutions and professionals from creative industries, but also where values of the Danube region in Serbia will be promoted.

Cinema City, Exit & Mikser invite you to stay in touch with these exciting events of the Danube Festival Network, and become a part of the energy of the festivals that contribute to the positive image of the region.